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About Us

Learn about our machine shop and our dedication to providing customers with only the best. We look forward to helping you create tangible products out of your ideas.

Influential Location

Based in Morgan Hill, California, and located in Silicon Valley, MicMar Inc. is in the technological capital of the world. This provides us with the foundation we need to become more successful and to have the potential to grow. Being in Silicon Valley we have many opportunities to meet a number of company representatives that play a major role in the technological growth of the area. San Jose is home to many companies that produce much of the technology in the world today and this is a key to why the city is filled with many other machine shops.


We pride ourselves on our handle of the newest, fastest and most accurate software technology and keeping up with the industry. Our company hopes to always have the newest, fastest software and hardware at any given moment. We understand that achieving this goal is extremely difficult and nearly impossible but trying to do this will let us stay ahead of the competition and allow us to give you exactly what you seek. We are happy to stay ahead of the curve with fully calibrated machines and fairly new inspection tools. This also allows us to give you the best product to suit your needs.