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MicMar Inc. provides you with the latest solutions to your product needs. After all, precision, time and quality are the three backbones of our production process. 

Milling Machine

Milling Machines

Work with ISO 9001-2008 Certified MicMar Inc. for access to a variety of milling machines. Get detailed information about each machine or consult with us to learn more about our capabilites. Our machine parts is structured with various quantities of these machines:

• YCM XV1250
• YCM XV1020A
• YCM XV560
• YCI Supermax FV102A
• YCI Supermax Rebel 1
• Manual Mill

Turning Machines

We also have some of the latest lathe tools and turning machines:

• YCM GT200B        • HYUNDAI WIA L300 A

Miscellaneous Equipment

We also have some miscellaneous equipment that is a part of our production process. These include:

• Vertical Band Saw • Grinders • Drill Press • Sanders
• Automatic Horizontal  Saw • 20 Ton Press

Inspection Room: CMM

Our company is constantly updating and calibrating measuring tools to ensure that we are providing the most accurate products. We currently use the GAGE(TM) 2000 R Series Measurement Station as our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in place of traditional manual measuring tools. It provides automatic data collection and analysis for a variety of shop floor measurement and inspection applications. The simple design and operation of GAGE 2000 R allows non-experienced shop personnel to perform 1D, 2D, and 3D measurement routines quickly and easily without the need for computer keyboard entries. Consult with us for more details.

Inspection Room: Comparator

In addition to various inspection tools, we use the Starrett® optical measuring projector and vision system model number HB400. Superlative in design and function, the HD400 is ideal for the most demanding applications in optical measurement. It features a 16" (400mm) screen diameter.