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Products You Will Be Proud Of

Here at MicMar Inc., if you look good we know we did good. Our customers are of upmost importance to us and we believe that we are the shop for you. You will find us to be the company you want to work with for your prototyping and production services.

Timely Delivery of Quality Products

When working with MicMar Inc., you'll always benefit from our lower production costs and latest technology in machining. We pass on the savings to you by creating large quantities of quality products in a timely manner; we deliver on time, every time. Our company caters to creating parts for many industries, including:

• Semiconductor
• Solar
• Electronics
• Optical
• Commercial

Prototypes & Production Parts

The MicMar Inc. product line consists of many prototypes and production parts for a large variety of companies. Our capabilities allow us to work with many different metals and plastic materials to make prototypes that range in price and size. The prices are determined mainly on:

• The Difficulty of the Piece
• The Time it Would Take to Create the Prototype 
• The Time it Would Take to Create the Rest of the Line

•The Size

•The Material— If the Customer Does Not Provide It
•Difficulty of Manufacturing/ Tolerances
•Time to Manufacture